Enterprise Modernization Aviation Komplex, LLC
Design and production of flight simulators
and training devices for flight-technical personnel



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We are working in hi-technologies where only the most advanced and high-growth companies lead.

Professionalism, skill and partnership attitude in the team – are the basis of our success. The average age of our employees is less than 31 years. Inviting the young creative specialists along with the honored and experienced personnel makes complicated engineering and production tasks possible.

Our enterprise strives for constant progress discovering something new all the time. It seems we started working on flight simulators not long ago and it seemed to be extremely complicated from the engineering point of view. But it took just a few years to feel confident in this field and now we look around for new horizons. What horizons? Our clients and website visitors will soon be informed on it.

Our customers choose our production because of its optimal price-efficiency ratio.

We do hope our website visitors will be able to make their own choice also.

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