Enterprise Modernization Aviation Komplex, LLC
Design and production of flight simulators
and training devices for flight-technical personnel

Aircraft simulators

To achieve the objectives of professional aircrew training we developed and implemented a number of simulators.

The main criteria for a technical aspect and simulator price are training tasks the simulator should handle. So, to perform the initial preparation tasks such as preparation of amateur pilots, FTD or FNPT simulators are needed (Level 1,2). FFS level A - FFS level D (Level 5-7) simulators are needed to prepare multi-engine aircraft commanders and to confirm various minima to the operator.

Our enterprise produces simulators of different levels for aircrafts: Yak-18, Cessna 172. We are working on the other types of aircrafts: Boeing 737, Airbus A320, ATR-42/72.

These products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest requirements of aviation authorities. The set includes components, produced independently. A number of critical systems, that have no analogues in domestic industry, designed and produced in close cooperation with the world leaders in flight simulator industry, such as MOOG, BARCO.

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