Enterprise Modernization Aviation Komplex, LLC
Design and production of flight simulators
and training devices for flight-technical personnel


The main products, developed and successfully implemented by our enterprise, include:

  • Flight simulators for a wide range of domestic and foreign types of aircrafts
  • Other training devices for flight-technical personnel
  • Driver training simulators

Flight simulators of M.A.K. Enterprise solve the wide range of tasks for aviation training centers at various levels. Today we offer the different types of products - from procedures trainers to the simulators level VII.

Products of M.A.K. Enterprise are designed on the basis of the OEM official data packages and meet all the international and Russian standards requirements:  Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) - «Preparation and Operation of Flights in Civil Aviation of the Russian Federation», worthiness requirements of flight simulators, Technical guidance on the criteria of classification assessment of flight simulators ICAO, Common Flight Simulator Specifications JAR-FSTD-A, Annex 1 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation «Personnel licensing»; Procedures for Air Navigation Services «Training» PANS-TRG.

We use only the highest quality components and materials for our production.

Software and electronics, developed by our specialists, are constantly maintaining and improving.

Very much attention is given to design and ergonomics of our products.

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